Comeille, a high technology enterprise based in Shenzhen, China, has dedicated itself to developing, manufacturing, and selling smart wearable devices, consumer eletronics and home healthcare equipment, including breast massager, bone conduction sports headbands, bone conduction hat, bone conduction music eye mask and smart eye massager. Through its endeavors, Comeille has been granted multiple national patents.
It is one of subsidiaries of a multinational corporation, Meitrack Group.
Meitrack Group, established in 2002, is a leading telematics solution provider in Shenzhen, China. Since its foundation, Meitrack has dedicated itself to the on-going pursuit for excellence in the field of GPS tracking. Aiming at sound and stable development and adhering to the strategy of "going global", we have a global reach with offices in California, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tokyo, and have established an international distribution network covering more than 170 countries and regions worldwide.

Core Competitiveness:
  1. 1. Have R&D teams, product patents, appearance design patents, and custom molds.
  2. 2. Set up its own factory and have a strict quality management system.
  3. 3. Provide quick responses and timely technical support.
  4. 4. Offer different forms of cooperation.
R&D Center

Manufacturing Center

Quality Management